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The Types of Atomizers

These days, there’s a growing selection of atomizers that are made available to vaping community. The array of options has allowed better customization for your vaping experience. Because every atomizer is unique from the next, you have to check both the benefits and drawbacks of each to be able to come up with the right decision.

Here in this article, we are trying to find out what’s actually behind every atomizer.

Number 1. Disposable Atomizer

These types of atomizers are typically what many people who are new to temp control vaping use. Typically included with starter kits these kinds of atomizers are widely available and inexpensive. More often than not, disposable atomizers are being used until they’re drawing air through is hard or until they begin to gurgle signaling it’s time to replace the atomizer as whole. The beauty about these atomizers is, they are economical which makes them easy to replace if ever it is lost, damage or when it has reached its lifespan.

Number 2. Replaceable Coil Head Atomizer

Atomizers that have replaceable coils are without a doubt the frequently used atomizers nowadays. Generally, these atomizers are using replaceable coil heads that’s most of the time, screw in and out of the vape for easier replacement. Despite the fact that these cost more than its disposable counterpart, they normally have various features that aren’t found on the less expensive products. Features like pyrex glass tubes and airflow control valves enables better vapor production and thicker flavor. For more information, you may also check

These atomizers can be washed out easily to change the flavors on the go. Replacing the coils over time would definitely help you save money in comparison to disposable atomizers. With recent release of various sub-ohm atomizers, there’s a larger selection of atomizers than before. On the other hand, if you’re searching for fully customization vaping experience or enjoy tinkering, you definitely want to opt for a rebuildable atomizer. Get more info.

Number 3. Rebuildable Atomizers

The rebuilder atomizer usually offers the best customizable vape experience. These said atomizers have the capability of delivering better flavor production and vapor at the same time. Even though the initial cost for these atomizers are more expensive compared to other types, on extended period of time, these will be more cost efficient.

The rebuilding atomizer and also building coils on your own does has a learning curve and some may find the rebuildable atomizer to consume more time, effort or initial investment.

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